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Stephen Hoffmann
17:50 22 Nov 22
Over promised and under-delivered. Gives out approvals that are not valid when you try to use them. Wastes clients time. Promised 24 hour turnaround on pre-approval but it took more like 72. Once I started looking, would not return emails, texts or phone calls to my RE Agent.
Henry Wilkes
21:30 18 Jul 22
I'm a mortgage broker in Los Angeles, California. When I refer someone to another state, I heavily vet them because I know what I provide, and I'm looking for my clients to have the best experience possible.  With that said, I vetted over 20 different lenders and brokers and concluded that Joe and his team would be the best fit for my client.  I had the pleasure of speaking to Austin Davis, he picked up the phone in three rings. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and Nice. Once I decided to refer my clients to him, he contacted them within five minutes. In short, Joe and Austin are the real deal, the full package.  I've been in the mortgage business for twenty years, and I know what to look for, I can now say after this, I have a referral partner in Washington.  I'm blessed to have met these good fellas.
Remington McElhaney
16:44 13 May 22
They are the real deal, they got us the best rate and closed on time. I had a tricky mortgage with some RSU income and Joe told me he could do it and he got it done. Other lenders had told me they could do things only to find out later they couldn't, so I'm grateful for Joe's experience in these matters and ensuring if he says he can do something that he can actually do it.
Reed Watson
17:45 02 May 22
Bo Olson
19:28 11 Apr 22
I am way overdue posting this review, but I worked with SMB purchasing my first home, and I can't say enough good things about them and their process. It was incredibly daunting to me to be looking at houses, but they were patient, extremely responsive and receptive to my questions. I truly don't know how I would have done it in this market without this team behind me. It was reassuring to know they had my back and were taking care of things every step of the way (no matter how many times I called for payment estimates). Major shout out to Joe and especially Austin, who was there immediately every time I reached out. Not only is this team fast and professional, they are kind. Go with SMB.
Kyle Taniguchi
23:57 02 Jan 22
I closed on my first home a couple months ago and I have nothing but positive things to say. Joe and his team work fast and were very responsive whenever I reached out with questions. Joe was extremely patient answering all my questions and did a great job of educating me as a first time homebuyer -- Joe truly has a gift.Just one example of how great Seattle's Mortgage Broker is: I setup a meeting with Joe on a Friday morning. Joe asked if I was planning on making any offers over the weekend. I said maybe, as there was a condo I really wanted to see. Well, Joe and his team worked hard that day to get all the paperwork processed and I got my pre-approval before the weekend even started.I highly recommend Seattle's Mortgage Broker for anyone looking for a home loan!
19:00 02 Dec 21
As a mortgage professional, I have an understanding of the mortgage process and expect a refinance to be relatively smooth. Joe and his team still managed to exceed my expectations, making the process quicker and easier than I had anticipated. I cannot recommend Joe highly enough to anyone who needs a mortgage.Edit Dec. 2021: Just completed a second refinance with Joe's team and they once again managed to exceed my expectations. Somehow they've gotten even better at what they do!
Alys Anderson
15:02 24 Nov 21
Joe and his team are amazing to work with. They are fast, communicative, and always get the job done - even when given a challenge. As a realtor I won't hesitate to direct my clients to their team. Austin is fabulous and always available. Thank you all for always coming through!
Lauren N Wong
17:05 23 Nov 21
We worked with Seattle's Mortgage Broker as first time homebuyers and the entire team could not have been more patient and helpful. They responded extremely quickly to all our questions and kept us updated with what to expect throughout the entire process.Everything went smoothly for us and we would definitely use Seattle's Mortgage Broker again in the future.
Chase Mertz
21:34 17 Nov 21
Seattle's Mortgage Broker and Adam and Austin in particular provided me a great experience in buying a home. As a first time home buyer, I had many questions about the process and they always provided me honest, thorough, and quick responses. They are always willing to hop on a call and send very helpful videos explaining things. I would definitely recommend them to any home buyer.
Cher Cha
20:27 16 Nov 21
Joe and his team was instrumental in helping me secure my first investment property. Recently, he supported my clients secured their first purchase. As first time buyers, I know it's a daunting task but Joe and Austin demonstrated extreme professionalism and took the time to help walk my clients through all their questions/concerns. The response time by his team is second to none in the industry.
Michael Domschot
16:16 15 Oct 21
Joe and his team at Seattle Mortgage Brokers did an outstanding job of closing our house in under 30 days. The interest rates are competitive and the process was pretty smooth. We had some time delays on the lender side of the equation but Joe and his team expertly navigated these setbacks. Highly recommend Joe and the Team at SMB!
Jana Schmidt
18:50 07 Sep 21
Joe's team is impressive. Easy to talk to, easy to reach, great industry knowledge and they care about the people they work with.
Matthew Kim
04:06 23 Aug 21
Working with Joe and team was exactly what me and my family needed. When working with Joe initially to do a refinance, he was very personable, and responsive to any questions we had. He didn't make you feel dumb or a bother with the hundreds of questions we had. We had a unique situation where I wasn't eligible for a refinance for another 6 months. In talking with Joe, because he had promised things would work out (not realizing an unknown factor I wasn't aware of) he offered to pay for my appraisal when we did the process again in 6 months. When the time came where I became eligible, Joe's team provided me prompt quotes, as I started shopping around different lenders again and they never were pushy. Once I chose Joe's team to go forward with, they were able to use a lot of the info I provided previously and was very prescriptive on what I needed to provide and how I could obtain that info(which was great, since just telling me what I need to provide can lead me scrambling to locate that info) Overall, I definitely would recommend Joe to others looking to do a refinance. They were competitive in rates, not the best rates but in the ballpark, but when you work with the lenders with the best rates, you also get no customer service. I choose to pay an extra hundredth of a percentage point to have the peace of mind that I'm in good hands.
Maxim Khailo
18:35 09 Aug 21
Joe and his team helped me get my house and they were so fantastic I went with them again to do my refinance. They have the best communication I have ever had with any company, not just mortgage lending.You don't feel like a small cog in a big machine.Rates are competitive and they are fast and friendly to work with. They use modern technology throughout the whole process and you don't feel like you are dealing with an outdated dinosaur. Not only that, but they know the industry really, really well and you can trust them to do the right thing. Seriously, I'm not sure how others can compete with Joe and his team.
Matthew Muller
18:08 01 Aug 21
Joe and his team were very diligent and persistent in making our refi happen. They helped me every step of the way and I was amazed at how quick and easy the whole process was.
Lisa Tarabochia
20:48 22 Jun 21
Had a really great experience with SMB. As a first time home buyer, the process was a bit daunting at first. From my first meeting with Joe, to my last, everything was explained in an easy way for me to understand. Austin, Terri and Adam were also great to work with and I always felt like they had my back. I felt confident texting or calling at any time and knew I'd be hearing from them shortly after reaching out. I highly recommend using SMB!
Shravan Gaonkar
16:00 20 May 21
The service and timely personal attention we received from Joe and his team is exceptional. The team is very detail oriented and on top of things as obtaining mortgages is a long process. We absolutely loved working with SMB and highly recommend them.
Ritchie Zhao
15:17 05 May 21
I shopped around for mortgage brokers in the Seattle area in April of 2021, and Joe was the best among them. He and his team are great with modern technology - they send you a personal video to explain things, and their web portal gives a clear timeline on closing the loan. Joe was always prompt answering key questions (e.g. credit score, visa status) and even goes directly to the lending banks for confirmation. Last and not least, their rates were the best among several brokers I talked to. Highly recommended.
Tianchu Liang
17:44 29 Apr 21
We were in a dire situation regarding our mortgage application and reached out to Joe. Joe responded in a few min and sent us a personal welcome video which was really impressive. Then we talked about our problems through emails and Joe went above and beyond to find answers for us within 24 hours. He is very personable and easy to talk to as well. Definitely recommend Joe for any of your mortgage need!
Sofi T
20:24 20 Apr 21
I don't know what I can say here that hasn't already been said. The people here are professional yet friendly and relatable. There's no high-pressure sales pitch, and they are also tech savvy with their video messages, and Zoom calls. But no worries if you're not, they will guide you via any medium you feel comfortable. They are transparent in their procedure and you can even see the screens they fill out via screen share in real time. Everything moved incredibly quickly, and the only real holdups were things out of their control like the appraisal. Even that went through quite quickly and I was able to close in 3 weeks! Would definitely recommend this team to anyone buying locally.
Christine Snavely
20:22 18 Apr 21
If you need a house this is the company you want on your side. Joe, Austin, Terri, and Adam made a super complicated process simple and streamlined. We are first time homebuyers and at first our credit wasn't quite where it needed to be but Joe didn't leave us hanging. He gave us excellent, professional advice that comes with years of experience that helped up immensely in pulling up our score enough to achieve our goals. Any question we had was answered quickly and anything we didn't quite understand the team broke it down for us to where we felt like we actually knew what was going on, there were no mysteries! We genuinely thought it would be years until we could by a house in this insane market and thanks to SMB we went from not having a clue where to start in early January to making viable offers in February. We are both essential workers and had to do all of this after work hours and while it could have been super stressful, the team at SMB was flexible with us throughout the process. Joe and his team are straightforward and don't mess around when it comes to representing their customers. SMB made sure any other parties involved did not dilly dally with paperwork and everything was completed in the timeliest manner possible. An excellent referral for homeowners insurance was also provided to us, for which we are also incredibly thankful. We closed perfectly on time & I will recommend this company to everyone! Buying a house? SMB will get you there!
jonathan oney
18:38 13 Apr 21
Joe and his team are absolutely top notch and the best communicators I have done business with in this space.I absolutely recommend!!
Christian Lopez
22:47 06 Apr 21
Doesn't return calls, set ups appointments, doesn't show for the appointment.Reg RESPONSE: I'm not selling anything, I'm a loan officer who was trying to send you business but I'm so glad I dodge this bullet. My clients would clearly not have been in good hands. It took a negative review to get you to respond to my messages. You sensor your reviews, my review might not be up for long if Google decides to sensor me honest review. You can't lie about who people are and expect them not to respond.
Kit Murray
17:36 24 Mar 21
Joe and his team were absolutely fantastic. He makes you feel like you’re a close friend and keeps you informed every step of the way! Me and my fiancé were first time home buyers when we met joe and we told him we have 0 idea what we’re doing, please explain everything to us (then explain it again 😂). Joe and his team were so patient and communicative! I can’t say enough good things about them. If you’re shopping for a mortgage broker, you found the best one in Seattle. We’ll definitely be back if we ever need them again!
Manny A.
13:09 03 Mar 21
Joe and his team SMB were great!! Made refinancing too easy! They all kept me updated on how are things are going, did a couple zoom calls to clearly understand the process and closed in 10 days! Amazing!!!
Meni Livne
05:09 29 Jan 21
Above and beyond! I bought my first home, not knowing anything about buying a home or getting a loan, and being new to the area, but I'm so glad I found Joe and team! They took care of everything from before I started looking at places and until the day of closing. Their responses were always quick, and they could even schedule meeting in the weekend. Loved the personal attention they gave me as a client and addressing every question or concern.
Chris Reed
21:54 26 Jan 21
Fantastic mortgage brokers!!! I’ve worked with Joe and his team at SMB 3 times now, and he has been absolutely AWESOME to work with. He was able to get me the best rates I found anywhere (and I shopped around), and most importantly, he and his team were VERY transparent and honest with me. No hidden fees, no gotcha’s, no BS. Just a great experience overall, very highly recommended!
Lowell Thomson
17:08 19 Nov 20
I had an admittedly rough start with SMB due to some communication difficulties. But once Joe Tafolla jumped into the conversation, he solved the issues and helped us proceed with our mortgage.When the process started, we were living overseas and not in a great position for a mortgage. Joe offered sound advice to get us going, and stayed with us along the way. He ended up getting us approved for a mortgage that allowed us to purchase our dream home.Joe was detail-oriented with his communication with us, and always on top of things. I rarely had to wait long for a response to an email with questions. And I asked A LOT of questions.When our closing was going slow, Joe stepped in and got things moving again to help us close quickly.Needless to say our experience with Joe was fantastic and if/when I need another mortgage/refinance I'll be going back to him.Update: I just got an email from Joe about a year after we bought our condo. He just wanted to check in, give us an update on our mortgage, and ask if we had any questions for him. He also offered a quick service to check the value of our house using publicly available data so we could see if our house had appreciated in value at all. He then sent a quick video message directly to me to follow up. This sequence was great, because I felt valued as a customer - but it wasn't a high-pressure "you need to refinance!" scenario. Just a check-in. I continue to be happy with the service I got from Joe and his team - and if/when we refinance, you can bet we'll be asking Joe for help.
22:03 08 Nov 20
Joe is a pleasure to work with. He is very efficient and proactive. Working with Joe made the whole refinancing experience easy from beginning to end. Highly recommend!
Dimitris Dimitriadis
20:55 05 Nov 20
Jerome Arfaoui
20:23 05 Nov 20
Quickly available. Runs all the number with you until everything is clear. Fast track underwritting. 30 days faster than the average broker with better rates
Lynn Sellard
15:21 05 Nov 20
Christina Brown
13:25 05 Nov 20
Joe and his crew are amazing! Thorough, fast and didn't disappoint. Found him based on reviews online and took a chance. SO glad we went with him. Won't use anyone else again!
Brian Holland
18:36 05 Oct 20
The best mortgage broker in the Seattle area... Period!
Sangmin Lee
09:15 25 Aug 20
Joe was very responsive and patient to explain my nitty gritty questions for my refinance. Most importantly the rate I got was quite competitive. I would highly recommend Joe for anyone looking for mortgage.
Debbie Fritz
16:09 18 Aug 20
Joe and Adam made getting a home mortgage easy, painless, and actually rather fun...they like to send crazy video messages. They responded timely to my questions and concerns and I had absolutely no problems during the loan approval process. I highly recommend Joe and Seattle's Mortgage Broker.
Nicole Sirivansanti
04:14 20 Jul 20
Joe was recommended by a friend and was great - patient and respectful when answering my questions and I certainly felt like my interests were his interest. I would highly recommend him!
Diana Kushner
20:04 08 Jul 20
This is the second mortgage I have gotten with Joe. He makes the process easy. I highly recommend him.
Jodi Teller
12:28 08 Jul 20
If I could give Joe a rating over 5.0 I would.Joe is my go to guy for refinancing. He is on top of it all the time and gets back to you immediately. He work hard and long hours for you.I have used Joe 3 times and will go back again. He will always find the best interest rate and even after closing if you have questions/problems he is right on it!I appreciate all Joe has done for me to make sure my loan goes through!
Phanidhar Bezawada Raghupathy
11:39 29 Jun 20
Joe is very responsive, to the point and has a fast turn around time that you seldom see. When i reached out to him for my refinance, he immediately gave me quotes for different options i am looking for and explained what needs to be done to get the process started. He is open about his fees upfront and targeted to close the loan within 2 weeks. I really liked how fast he ran through the process and would definitely recommend him for mortgage needs
Jared Harvey
19:10 30 Apr 20
Joe was super helpful through several offer attempts and took the time to explain everything in detail. Thanks for the help!
Ryan Dao
22:49 17 Apr 20
Joe is awesome - very efficient and professional. He helped us get a great deal for our refinance and shepherd the process from start to finish. We didn't have to worry about a thing. What I like about Joe the most is that he kept the paperwork very light for us, making the refinance look like applying for a new credit card. So easy!
Lyle Wammer
06:51 29 Mar 20
I want to thank Joe Tafolla and his team for bringing my dream to fruition. Though my circumstances were somewhat unique, Joe was dedicated to structuring solutions that ultimately steered me in the best direction. Joe also connected me to the realtor that was a perfect fit and rounded out a truly effective team. Class and professionalism throughout the entire process.
Zeke Spier
00:33 07 Mar 20
I’m the type to shop around each time I buy or refinance, but now I feel like I’ve got my “mortgage guy” for the long term. Joe and his team make the whole thing go as easily as possible, with competitive rates and no BS. Always a quick response by text, email, or phone.
Israel Luna
23:47 02 Mar 20
Clinton Edwards
22:30 26 Feb 20
Joe was upfront, honest and lived up to all of his commitments. I work in the same business as Joe and felt that he honored what he said and completed tasks within the time limits he forecast. Not only was the service there, but the rate I received was better than the competition. I have referred a client to him already and will work with him myself in the future.
Long Nguyen
21:14 12 Feb 20
Joe Tafolla got the job done for me when no other could at the last possible moment. No exaggeration. After working with bankers and brokers, one after another, I almost gave up on the idea of ever getting a house at such a young age. But a real estate person named Gayle Simmons, recommended me one more person. That person was Joe. Long story short Joe did his job above and beyond my expectations. He got me the house at a time when I thought it wasn't possible anymore. He is an amazing and funny guy and I highlyyyy recommend him to anyone buying their first home, dream home, or any home in that case. If he can work with a 22-year-old kid who just got out of school with no money and no knowledge of real estate whatsoever, buy a house in Seattle, then he can help you too. Give him a shot and you won't regret it.
Jeff Brady
01:13 19 Dec 19
Sending your financials over to a stranger can be a humbling experience but Joe and his team never made us feel anything but confident and supported. I never thought we'd qualify for as much as we did and as quickly but Joe was determined! The process was so smooth. Joe was always on the ball, I never doubted for a second that we were working with the best mortgage broker in Seattle. I had a clear concise list of actionable items on my end and never wondered where in the process we were or what came next. As a first time home buyer I felt especially grateful to have Joe in our corner. He was patient as we looked at various houses and when we finally found our home he was on it, we were under contract in a day! Joe is THE Seattle mortgage lender.
Liz & Lea Best Coast Beauty
01:12 19 Dec 19
Manyi Li
21:19 28 Nov 19
Joe was our broker. That was the smartest decision we could have made. He Was able to help us get us approved at an amount that worked great for us and found the best possible time to lock us in to the lowest possible interest rate which is saving more than $200 a month from what it was supposed to be. We will definitely be using Joe again on our next purchase:)
Kira Martin
21:31 17 Sep 19
Joe Tafolla and his team were superb - from our first phone call I knew I was in good hands. SMB seamlessly handled a complex double refi and kept us informed every step of the way. Joe is extremely responsive and accessible via phone or e-mail. I highly recommend SMB.
Christine Bunch
00:05 01 Aug 19
After a horrible experience with a credit union, we risked losing out on our new home. Joe offered us lightning fast service that went above and beyond. We also got a lower rate and it closed early! Thank you Joe!
Rashed Talukder
16:04 12 Jul 19
Joe is absolutely top notch. If you're looking for someone who provides incredible services, very responsive to communication, and is able to go above and beyond, Joe is the person to go to. He was so helpful throughout the process and I would absolutely recommend him!
M Fiechtner
03:32 03 Jul 19
Joe and his team were fast, efficient, and very informative. They walked us through everything when we asked and powered through when appropriate. This being at least the 5th time we have gone through this process I appreciated that, somethings I needed more information but most I just wanted completed as soon as possible. They were great about both and the only delays came from me being slow to respond or esign. Thanks Joe!
Ben Milgrom
02:29 03 Jul 19
Joe helped me recently with a refinance. I couldn't be more pleased with the service of Joe and his team! He was always available for questions, is very knowledgeable, and got me a good rate. It was the easiest home financing transaction I've ever done (out of about half a dozen). I will certainly use Joe again when I have need in the future, and would recommend him highly.
Imogen Caroline Brendel MPP PMP
00:17 15 Jun 19
Very competent and extremely well versed in the business. Not to mention fast. Once I closed on selling me house in California, Joe and his team helped me close on my new house near Seattle in a matter of hours (same day!). He was very quick to respond to any questions and made the process very smooth for us. Definitely recommend.
Dan Swope
16:53 10 Jun 19
Joe has helped me with my original FHA loan and a couple refi's since. He has always taken care of me and is quick to respond to questions. I would highly recommend him.
Fritz Grothkopp
03:25 10 Jun 19
My first mortgage in nearly twenty years and it went off without a hitch. Joe did a great job of keeping me informed at every step in the process.
Ryan Hoback
17:12 28 May 19
If you’re looking for a mortgage broker, Joe is your man. As first time home buyers, loans can be intimidating, confusing and the process is not well defined, Joe changed all of that for us. From the moment we first called him, we knew he would be a great asset in our home buying search. He does all of the heavy lifting for you, the rate comparisons, looking at credit unions, banks and lenders and presents you with the best options all while coaching you through the process. We ended up getting an interest rate we were thrilled with and closed in 21 days on our dream home. Joe will be our mortgage broker for life.
Chris Raunio
20:39 21 Mar 19
Joe was EXTREMELY helpful in guiding us through the mortgage process. He was great at explaining everything to us clearly and presenting all of our options. We never waited more than 10 minutes for an answer to our questions, even on the weekends!He made the whole process very relaxing, and made us confident that we understood what we were signing up for. On top of that he was able to close in 2 weeks!Highly recommended!EDIT: Joe contacted us out of the blue with a refinancing plan to save us money on our mortgage and he was a pleasure to work with again. He's always looking out for the client's needs and never stops working for you!
Joseph Mulford
02:03 24 Feb 19
Top notch service throughout the process and follow-up afterwards. Highly recommended.
Rick S
18:57 11 Dec 18
Evelyn Kislig
19:29 16 Nov 18
I normally don’t write reviews about people or services unless they are really bad (to warn people about them) or if they are absolutely amazing- let’s face it, who cares about mediocrity, right?Joe is Seattle Washington’s mortgage broker and would be one of those people who I would put in the “absolutely amazing” pile- and I have high standards, having worked with mortgage brokers in multiple States over the years.1) He’s knowledgeable- I’m a geek- I love numbers and my trust needs to be earned so it’s hard to pull a fast one by me. When initially deciding the actual rate and buy down cost to get the best deal, Joe would walk me through various scenarios and tell me what he recommends. I would then proceed to put all his numbers into my own excel model to calculate which scenario is the best. It turns out that he would be right- but it took him 1/10th of the time to calculate the best deal. I dare you to drill him because he knows his stuff.2) His rates are competitive- If you think you are going to pay a premium because you are working with a mortgage broker, think again. I have compared his rates with discount mortgage companies. His rates match, or if not, even beats these discount groups, plus you get someone who knows what he’s doing on your side. Win/win.3) He’s actually a mortgage broker, not some guy claiming to be one but working for the bank and pawning their higher rate mortgage onto you- It frustrates me how many people claim to be mortgage brokers- eg: an independent person that works with a bunch of lenders and provide you with the best loan choice, keeping your interests in mind.Majority of these so-called mortgage brokers actually work directly for a lender (eg: similar to being on payroll by the lender). They may have other products they could “technically” sell, but in reality, they never do because they essentially work for the lender. Whose interest do you think they have in mind? Joe is not one of those people, I can buy one house with one lender and then a 2nd house with a different lender through him.4) He’s strategic- Apparently with credit scores, they are grouped in tiers. You could be 5 points off and be in the lower tier, with a higher interest rate. When Joe ran my credit score, he noticed I was only a few points off from the next tier up. Thus, he gave me a list of instructions to improve my credit within a few days, then he re-ran my credit, giving me a more favorable interest rate. That alone is thousands of dollars in savings per year on any home purchase.5) He has a “whatever it takes to get it done” attitude- Now, I’m not talking about only working late, which I’m sure a handful of the good ones do. I’m talking about getting a conventional loan closed in less than 10 days. Most investors pay exorbitant fees getting hard money because conventional loans are known to take a long time. If a seller needs the money asap, then buyers get a hard money loan to close quickly. Joe saved me about 30K in hard money costs because he was able to get approval on a deal I was working on in 2 days- faster than hard money and without the exorbitant cost.If you have read this far, stop reading reviews, pick up the phone and call Joe: he is fast, efficient, you will save tons of money working with him and he will get your deal closed on time.Whether you are buying your first house or onto your 30th, buying property costs a lot of money and you want to make sure you have someone capable and knowledgeable on your team. In my 15+ years in the industry, he is hands down the best mortgage broker I have ever worked with, and he happens to be local to the Seattle Washington area! Treat him with respect, get documents to him on time and you will have one of the best working relationships with him, ever.
Ethan Goh
06:54 01 Nov 18
Joe was great to work with. He was efficient, knowledgeable, and good at navigating the mortgage landscape. Moreover, he was transparent and responsive to any detailed questions that I had regarding the loan options available, which allowed me to make an informed decision based on my circumstances. One of the best parts of working with him was his promptness of reply and availability over multiple channels (voice call, texting, and email), and he adapted to whichever medium was most appropriate for the situation.I was extremely satisfied with the service Joe provided, and I would definitely be reaching out to him again with any of my future mortgage needs.
Chiyo Crawford
03:11 01 Oct 18
We had a great experience working with Joe Tafolla. We were first time home buyers and bombarded Joe with so many questions— he always took the time to answer thoughtfully and often offered more than one way of explaining things since we all have different ways of taking in information. He made us feel like we were his only clients, communicating with us regularly and responding to our questions right away, either by phone or by email. He has a positive and upbeat attitude which is so helpful when working through the complex, not-so-fun part of finances. Most of all, he is extremely knowledgeable and transparent. Thanks, Joe! We love our home, which wouldn’t have been possible without you!
Kris Pitzler
05:29 23 Sep 18
My wife and I are first time home buyers and had the great fortune of working with Joe Tafolla for our home loan. He guided us through the process professionally and painlessly.We had a very short time to close and Joe worked very hard on our behalf to make it happen on time with no hiccups.We won’t use anyone else in our future home buying and highly recommended him to anyone needing a home loan.
Osbaldo Escoto
10:04 18 Sep 18
I could not be happier with my refinance process. Joe Tafolla went above and beyond to make the process as smooth and as easy as possible. Very minimal work was needed on my end and I had cash out funds and closed within three weeks of beginning my refinance.I would definitely recommend Seattle Mortgage Brokers for anyone trying to buy, refinance, or sell their home.
Mason Maki
19:07 24 Aug 18
Joe Tafolla is AMAZING! I have worked with Joe on numerous occasions and his service is outstanding. He is on top of his game and makes me feel like his #1 priority. Reach out to Joe if you are in the market for a mortgage or refinance, you won't regret it!!! Thanks for everything Joe, look forward to working together again soon.
Terry Vehrs
19:28 03 Jul 18
Joe is in a class by himself. Extraordinary Service! Others talk, He truly delivers. Extremely Fast Service. It is hard to impress me but he does every time. Terry Vehrs Windermere Real Estate.
Sarah Langum
01:49 13 Jun 18
My experience with Seattle Mortgage Broker, Joe Tafolla specifically, was amazing. I never felt overwhelmed or like I was being an inconvenience with all of my questions. You did a great job of educating me and guiding me through what was going on without me feeling incompetent for not knowing what was going on. Your ability to work so effortlessly with all of the other people involved with my transaction was fantastic. Also, your ability to close so quickly was a great bonus. I do not have enough great things to say in regards to my experience and cannot wait till we get to work together again! Thank you so much for working so tirelessly for me and getting me the best deal absolutely possible. You are the best!
John Dallas
17:41 07 Jun 18
FASTEST & MOST PROFESSIONALI've had the pleasure of working with Joe for almost two years and can easily say that he is one of the most professional and punctual loan officers I work with. I am an Account Executive for a large wholesale lender so I get the opportunity to interact with thousands of loan officers throughout every point in their career. It is easy to see that Joe is a true professional, he doesn't have issues or last minute 'surprises' in underwriting, his rate locks never expire and every one of his loans are ready at escrow days, sometimes weeks, before they were scheduled to be there. My internal staff love him, the underwriters bend over backwards to help and the senior level management fight over who gets to work on his files, because they are just that smooth. Watching him work is like an episode of the Twilight Zone, the guy is a machine. He originates, processes, closes and somehow still manages to blow people away with his 5 Star service. During the time I have known him he has always picked up his phone, realistically I think there have been two times in two years that he didn't answer within the first 3 rings. If you don't believe me, give him a call and see for yourself.
Daniel Natividad
07:36 07 Jun 18
Joe was a extremely personable and efficient broker. The communication was effective and timely. We felt great with the entire process and were fully prepared to make an offer and purchase our home so seamlessly.
Jon Robles
00:34 06 Jun 18
Joe was amazing! Made the experience so easy for us, being first time home buyers and all. So thank you Joe and keep on doing your best.
Kaitlin Goodsell
23:30 04 Jun 18
I am a transaction coordinator and Joe was great to work with! Thorough communication throughout the entire loan which made everybody's job easier. Would love to do business with again.
Annie Park
16:46 21 May 18
Joe Tafolla is an AMAZING Loan officer and his Team at Seattle Mortgage Broker.He is so helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me and my family with buying our home 2 yrs ago and still continuing to help us with any questions we have.I  Extremely Recommended Joe Tafolla  with no Hesitation.
Lisa Thompson
22:09 13 Feb 18
Joe Tafolla with Seattle Mortgage Brokers is an outstanding loan officer to deal with - he is thorough, organized, prompt to reply, and makes the loan process seem like a breeze. He was able to quickly analyze the best rate and terms for us, provide an approval letter, and get us to the closing in less than two weeks if we needed that, even when I was communicating with him from overseas. Words along can not express our gratitude and appreciation for all the Joe was able to do for us to close in minimal time. Joe is fantastic to work with and we will definitely work with him again. Ten stars would be more appropriate for Joe. He provides the best customer service, knows his stuff and we would highly recommend him to anyone!
Tony Diaz
06:43 11 Jan 18
As a first time home buyer we were nervous about buying a house but Joe made it a very easy for us. He is very knowledgeable made it a easy experience. We had a fast closing and he explained everything clearly and got it done faster then we thought. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Crystal Carpenter
15:57 11 Dec 17
MaryAnn O'Connell
01:24 29 Nov 17
Shea Fenton -Real Estate in Seattle
18:32 27 Nov 17
Mark Oberpriller
16:03 27 Nov 17
Joe is amazingly fast and extremely professional. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. If you need to close fast in the Seattle area, stop searching and use Joe.
Elie Saad
15:55 27 Nov 17
Jesse Rodriguez
22:20 13 Apr 17
Joe is the best of the best. I've been referring clients to him for over 12 years. He'll close your loan fast!