July 12, 2021

NORTHEAST TACOMA || A Tacoma Neighborhood Tour

Welcome to Northeast Tacoma! If you're considering joining the trend of migrating away from dense downtown living, and want to be in somewhere that you can still have an easy commute to Tacoma or Seattle, then take a look at Northeast Tacoma. This up and coming neighborhood strikes a perfect balance between accessibility and suburban living, plus boast some of the best views of Commencement Bay in all of Pierce County. Come with me and we can take a look at why so many people are choosing to call this part of Tacoma home.


As its name suggest, Northeast Tacoma occupies the northeast portion of Tacoma, and borders Federal Way along its eastern edge, and Commencement Bay to the west. Nestled between Tacoma and Seattle, it offers a reasonable commute to both, just eight miles from downtown Tacoma and 27 miles to downtown Seattle.

For those looking for the suburban lifestyle, but want the flexibility of easy access to either of these great cities for work or entertainment, Northeast Tacoma presents a great option. And don't be caught thinking that Northeast Tacoma is without charm of its own. Take a scenic drive down 509 along the waters edge, and pull into one of the great viewing areas such as the Dick Gilmur Shoreline Restoration and Kayak Launch.

And come equipped with your kayak to enjoy a favorite Pacific Northwest pastime, and explore the shoreline. The Port of Tacoma owns a number of these parks dotted along the bay, and they make a great location to come with a picnic during the day with the views of the Olympic Mountains to the west or come at sunset and have a view of the city lights and the port.

Northeast Tacoma for Families

If you're looking to move to the area with a family, then Northeast Tacoma has some great spots. Norpoint Park is an excellent 20-acre park, that has something for everyone. Come for a family barbecue in the grass while the kids enjoy the onsite playground or can cool off in the splash pad after their exertions.

There's also a skate park, as well as some trails, and a community center. The Center At Norpoint has an onsite swimming pool, drop in pickle ball, as well as a rotating fitness schedule and special events. Another point of interest in the heart of this community is the North Shore Public Golf Course, which offers member fares for unlimited golfing or book your chosen tee time ahead online for a single game.

The onsite restaurant is currently undergoing renovations, so food options are limited, but that shouldn't stop you grabbing an ice cold beer after a round of golf with friends in the sunshine.

The Neighborhood

Northeast Tacoma is the most rural neighborhood of the city, and is largely made up of residential areas. As such, streets are quiet, there's plenty of greenery at every turn, and there's a mixture of historical homes and modern builds as more people move in.

It's also the safest neighborhood of the city. All of this has led to Northeast Tacoma becoming the fastest growing place to live inside Tacoma.

Northeast Tacoma Housing Market

What does the housing market look like in Northeast Tacoma now? Well, as you can imagine home values here are soaring with an increase of a whopping 15% in value over just the last 12 months, to now, an average home price of around $550,000 according to Zillow.

To put this type of growth into perspective back in 2012 the average home price here was only $240,000, which equates to a growth of nearly 10% year on year for now nine years running. Have you missed the boat on a great value buy here in Northeast Tacoma?

Well, almost certainly not. With the continuing mass exodus from downtown living only fueling this increase in value and prices, and with a dropping of inventory levels in the area you can expect Northeast Tacoma to continue to be one of the hottest options out there.

The Cliff House Restaurant

As your day draws to its close in Northeast Tacoma make sure you leave time to stop by The Cliff House for dinner with a breathtaking view. This iconic restaurant has been perched on a bluff overlooking Commencement Bay since 1925, and serves Pacific Northwest seafood, steaks and pasta dishes, and on a crisp evening make sure you leave room to sample some of their delicious spiked coffees.

If you could see yourself living in Northeast Tacoma, or anywhere else around the city for that matter, please give us a call or visit our website and we'll see you next time. 

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