October 12, 2021

DASH POINT | Tacoma Neighborhood Tour

Welcome to Dash Point! This small unincorporated neighborhood on the outskirts of Tacoma is all about enjoying the great outdoors with some of the best trails, wildlife, and water access in this city. Dash Point is an inviting community for anyone who craves coastline living, but needs the added convenience of being just a short drive away from many major cities. It's easy to lose track of time as you take in your beautiful surroundings and enjoy those skyline-free views.

Dash Point Neighborhood

Dash Point can be found on the Northeastern tip of Tacoma and jets out into the Puget Sound by the inlet of Commencement Bay. On the doorstep of both Tacoma and Federal Way, you can drive to the downtown area of either of these cities in around 20 minutes. And Downtown Seattle is less than 30 miles away too, making Dash Point a great launching site to a plethora of urban work opportunities. But far from feeling like an urban neighborhood, Dash Point allows residents to slow down and enjoy the many sights and sounds of nature that are found within its borders.

Dash Point State Park

Without a doubt, the jewel in the crown of this neighborhood is Dash Point State Park. This whopping 400-acre park offers a wealth of activities. There are 8 miles of bike trails and 11 miles of hiking trails. And the trails under your feet will soon give way to sand at the long beachfront, which is the park's main draw. Bring your non-powered water vessel and head into the Sound straight from the shore, and take in the beautiful surroundings of the Olympic Mountains and the Port of Tacoma. Come with your family during the low tide for the kids to enjoy the massive amounts of exposed sand for their beach games, or starfish, or crab hunting.

The coastal conditions here make it an excellent spot for skimboarding. In fact, the park even hosts camps and competitions for the sport. If you do plan to spend your whole day here, there are some food options, too. Jones'n For A Dog is a mobile hot dog stand that operates out of the park during peak months. And if you need a kick of caffeine for your exertions for the day, then you'll find a BigFoot Java and 7-Eleven just outside the park boundaries. And if you can't fit everything you want to do in the park in a single day, then there's plenty of options for camping, too. And that includes cabins and yurts if roughing it just isn't your thing!

Living in Dash Point

Surrounding the state park are the few residential streets that make up this neighborhood. Here, you'll find single family homes, almost all of which enjoy stunning views across the Sound. Then there's the occasional water's edge rustic cabin, which belongs to a city dweller who returns every now and then to soak up some of that fresh saltwater air. There are some luxury homes along the shoreline, too. There are a couple of playgrounds for families within easy walking distance, such as Palisades Park. If you are looking to purchase a home in Dash Point, there's just a few things to bear in mind.

Dash Point Real Estate

Because this neighborhood is so small, listings can be few and far between. And this scarcity coupled with the fact that almost every home does enjoy that water view is going to directly impact the price. Thankfully, Pierce County has a conforming loan limit that exceeds the national benchmark set by the FHFA. Watch this video on our YouTube channel to get an idea of what that limit is and how you can buy a home whose purchase price exceeds this limit and still enjoy the benefits of a conforming loan. When you're ready to take the next step on your home ownership journey, contact Tacoma Mortgage Brokers.

Things To Do in the Proctor District

Another thing that Dash Point is excellent for is fishing of all kinds. This can be done either at the State Park or at the Dash Point Pier, which is either just a short drive from the park or even a beachfront walk when the tide is out. The waterfront by the pier is a hotspot for squid jigging, shellfish harvesting or for the many types of saltwater fish that can be found in the Puget Sound. Parking here can be limited, and you'll likely be fishing with company at practically any time of the year. And for those of you who prefer to look up rather than down, then there are plenty of birdwatching opportunities in Dash Point, too.

This can be done at one of the wildlife viewing areas at the State Park, or you can wander this coastline and you'll likely see a shorebird or even a raptor. Another draw of Dash Point Pier is Gino's at the Point. This classy Italian inspired restaurant serves an array of seafood, steak, and pasta dishes. Its location coupled with the quality of the food make it the perfect spot to enjoy a romantic sunset across the Sound, especially from their deck seating. Or visit with friends and enjoy ship watching as the many boats come and go from the busy port tucked just around the corner. And because the lot can get full at times, Gino's offers a complimentary service where they will pick you up from a nearby lot, which is a nice convenience.

If you could see yourself living in Dash Point, or anywhere else around the city of Tacoma, please give us a call or schedule a Zoom meeting, we're here to help!

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